Now, planting a tree can save you money!
Because of the importance of trees in this community...
They create cooling canopy and improve our water quality by holding back storm water run-off (among many other benefits)
the City of Jefferson is offering a new TreeBate program!  If you plant a tree on your residential property, the City of Jefferson will credit Jefferson Utilities Customers up to $40 on their bill, depending on the size of the tree at planting.

Find out more about Jefferson's TreeBate here!

Planting trees?

Plan ahead to attend....
Saturday, March 21, 2015
Jefferson City Park, Old Swimming Pool Rd.
Off Highway 129 east of Exit 137 off I-85.

What Does the Jefferson Heritage Tree Council Do?

We plant trees and work toward keeping a healthy canopy of leaves over our community.

Specifically, we put our heads and hands together and work on helping others understand why a healthy community forest is so very important.  Find out why.

Many mature, significant and historic trees grow in our community and we work to protect them.  They're called Heritage Trees.  You ought to see them!

And, we celebrate trees with events and programs where you're always invited.

It's easy to get involved - just call us or drop us an email. Want to subscribe to get more information on upcoming events?

Contact us at 706-367-5121 or email

Become a Member of the Jefferson Heritage Tree Council

We have several spots for new members of the Jefferson Heritage Tree Council. If you are interested in helping out, click on the following links for more information: